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Artistic collaboration with Getty photographer Solomon N'jie

Since announcing my 'Art & Sol' artistic collaboration with Getty rock photographer Solomon N'jie back in January, I'm delighted to share my first four digital paintings with you.

Working on my ipad pro with Apple pencil, in the Procreate app, I'm delighted to have transformed the first many stadium rock photographer Sol’s classic 80s images into affordable artworks.

Each original digital painting is 12"x12" - album cover size. Framed in black the images are designed to be bought separately or build into a rock collection on the walls of music lovers everywhere.

Sol and I met in a pop up in Ealing, where I have my home studio, at a pop up where he was exhibiting just some of the 500 photos he had taken of 80s stadium rockers like Eric Clapton, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Prince, Rod Stewart and Sting among others.

To learn more click here.

 Sting digital painting by Stella Tooth artistSting £80

To see me paint Sting, please click here.

About digital painting

I am trained as an oil painter. But, during the pandemic when traditional painting surfaces, like canvas and cradled gesso panel, have been in short supply, I began painting digitally using all my skills as a traditional painter to create artworks which are both original when created digitally and original when printed. 

Rod Stewart digital painting by Stella Tooth artistRod Stewart £80

To see me paint Rod Stewart please click here.

Apart from the joy of experimenting with a new medium, I soon realised that digital paintings are less labour intensive, taking around one to two weeks - instead of six weeks to three months - to paint as there is no drying time. This means I can create them for you for less. It also solves for artists everywhere the issue of storage, as I can now print the artworks I create on demand. 

The difference between the two forms of painting is that oils have an often often glossy, textured surface where digital paintings are smooth. 

Madonna digital painting by Stella Tooth artistMadonna £80

The Apple pencil introduced in 2015, is a game changer, allowing artists like myself to paint realistically with oil paint and other brushes. How thick or thin the lines I draw depends on how much force I put down on my stylus. And I can change both brush size and opacity and build my own colour palettes.

My digital paintings are printed on Canon Pro Luster Photo paper, a professional photo paper delivers vivid colours, reproduces sharp details with rich blacks and smooth tonality. It is designed to provide a consistent look and colour when viewed under various light sources and offers extraordinary image quality, longevity and protects images from deterioration caused by gas and light.

Digital painting of Freddie Mercury by Stella Tooth artistFreddie Mercury £80

See my digital painting in the frame and on the wall!

All the digital painting on this blog can be bought online. 

Freddie Mercury, Madonna and Rod Stewart - and other of my musician artworks - can, additionally be bought from the walls of the iconic music venue the Half Moon Putney, where I'm resident artist. Just contact me to check availability and then ask for Music Manager Nina Jackson at the bar.

Sting can be purchased from my Ealing home studio. Contact me to arrange to visit.  

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