Portrait Commissions

Kate Adie portrait by Stella Tooth

I specialise in drawn and painted commissioned portraits of:

  • people from children to adults 
  • musicians
  • animals 
  • life drawings (females)

Our portrait. Your story.

I aim to provide an enjoyable, collaborative experience which results in an artwork that:

  • celebrates your, or the subject's, story
  • connects with you emotionally
  • projects your image through time

Commissioning process 

1. The practicalities

Does my style connect with you? 
Please browse my portrait portfolio.

Who is the portrait to be of?
Head and shoulders, half or full length?

How much will it cost?
Cost is determined by size, medium, and the number of figures.

  • Size: do you have a place for it in mind? Allow an 10cm or 4” if the artwork is on canvas, rather than cradled gesso panel, and to have a frame.
  • Medium: oil or pencil etc?
  • Number of figures: see table below

Will it be from:

  • one sitting of three hours with photography? Where will it take place? What clothes will be worn?
  • from agreed hi-res photographs that inspire me? This is usually the case with a child/animals.
Completion date?

2. The quote

  • A non-obligation email quote excludes framing and any travel, accommodation and delivery. I cover London and surrounds.
  • For oil paintings, I will take a deposit before starting work, rarely a payment mid-way for larger works, and a final payment on completion. An oil portrait can take up from 6 weeks to 3 months to complete.
  • For drawings, I take a deposit and a final payment. A drawing can take 1-2 weeks to complete.
  • The Portrait Gift Card is a unique present for a special event or anniversary. How it works: discuss your budget with me. Give the card which says: You will have a month to discuss the detail of the commission with Stella and me - and plan the final unveiling!

Commission Portrait Gift Card

3. Framing

  • Seeing a completed portrait for the first time is strange as we are not used to seeing ourselves through the imagination of an artist. The more you look at a portrait, the more it reveals.
  • Although framing does not form part of the commission, I will advise what sort of frame complements my work, or whether a frame is needed.

Single portrait in oils (+£600 per extra person)

Size inches Size cm Price
16 x 12 40 x 30 £600
20 x 16 50 x 40 £980
24 x 20 60 x 50 £1,300
30 x 25 76 x 63 £1,500
36 x 28 90 x 70 £1,950
 40 x 30 100 x 76 £2,600

Single portrait drawing (+£50 per extra person)

 Size Price
A3 £250
40 x 50 £300
A2 £350
A1 £480
A0 £630

Florence by Stella Tooth

Daisy by Stella Tooth

Musician portraits

My previous career in broadcast news pr makes me ideally suited to collaborating with musicians on an original artwork inspired by agreed photos that will capture your brand.  I also license the artwork for you to use on your CD covers and other promotional materials. 

Johannes Bowling saxophonist commission mixed media on paper by portrait artist Stella Tooth

The Phantoms gig poster with original artwork by British figurative artist Stella Tooth

Life drawing

I offer life drawing of females in the privacy of your own home for hanging in a private space:

  • A2 drawing / £350

Life Drawing by Stella Tooth

Animal portraits

Drawn and pet portraits in oils are created from agreed, high resolution photographs that inspire me, often taken by owners whose relationship allows them to get closer. I provide the option of having your pet’s portrait feature as a design on my Red Bubble shop – a fun way of sharing it with family and friends on t shirts, bags and other products. To find out more, visit my art product shop.

  • Drawings start at A4 / £180

  • Paintings start at 10"x 8" (approx 20 x 25 cm) / £250

Pet Art Commissions by Stella Tooth

Rock Experience

So you want to be a rock n' roll star – just for one day? Now you can! If you want to find out what it’s like to be a rock star you can commission me to give you the next best experience! In an artistic collaboration, we will discuss the clothes you’ll wear, music you’ll move to, instruments you’ll play and poses you might strike. Then we’ll set a weekday date for you to take to the Half Moon stage while I photograph you in action! Your permanent reminder of your 15 minutes of fame will be my photos of you preparing and my drawing or oil painting of you.

Here's what my first would be rock 'n' rollers had to say about the experience:

"A hugely enjoyable experience – with a unique artwork at the end! In another life we’d have been rock musicians, only neither of us can sing or play an instrument. This was no barrier to taking on the persona of a rock duo on stage, to be immortalised by Stella in one of her vibrant portraits. She quickly helped us overcome our self-consciousness and was even able to offer guidance on how to convincingly handle the instruments. We had a blast singing along to our favourite numbers – luckily to an imaginary audience. Stella makes the creation of the portrait itself a real collaboration, from choosing the best photo together, to regularly emailing images of the work-in-progress for comment. It was magical to see the picture grow, and it will never stop being a thrill to see our own wonderful portrait on the wall."

Rock Experience Single portrait drawing 
+ £25 venue hire + £50 per extra person

 Size Price
A3 £250
40 x 50 £300
A2 £350
A1 £480
A0 £630


Commission Portrait

Visit the following pages to see some of my completed portrait commissions: