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Kate Adie portrait by Stella Tooth

Our Portrait. Your Story.

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I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I love the challenge of capturing that story in a portrait. I will work with you to create a beautiful, uplifting, and colourful portrait that tells your story in a way that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. I will also tell your story in words, if desired, providing additional context and meaning to the piece.

Contact me today to schedule a consultation. 

Commissioning process

Step one: the practicalities

Does my style connect with you?
Please browse my portrait portfolio to find out.

Who is the portrait to be of?
Head and shoulders, half or full length?

Do you have a budget in mind?
I am happy to work to a budget but as a guide, cost is usually determined by size, medium, and the number of figures.

  • Size: do you have a place for it? If so, allow 10cm/4” if it is to be framed. 
  • Medium: painted or drawn?
  • Number of figures: my price chart below is for single portraits with the cost for each additional person provided

Is it to be from photos or a mix of sitting and photos? 

  • one sitting of three hours with photography? Where will it take place? What clothes will be worn?
  • from agreed hi-res photographs that inspire me? This is always the case with a child/animal.

What is the deadline?

  • An oil portrait can take from 6 weeks to complete. A drawing can take between 1-2 weeks. 

Step two: the quote

Contact me to begin a friendly conversation about the subject's story, talk about the medium and size of your artwork and where it will hang.  I make it a fun experience and will guide you if you feel unsure. 

I provide you a quote and take a 30% deposit to secure the commission with the balance due on completion.

We then decide on reference images that will inspire me. These need to be clear and taken close up.  For more tips, click here.

In the case of a sitting we can arrange for me to take the photos and to note the subject's colours.

The quote excludes any travel outside London and surrounds, accommodation, framing and delivery.

Step three: the completed artwork and framing

I begin work, send you regular updates on the artwork's progress and incorporate any changes along the way. I then send you an image of the completed artwork for final approval - or you can view it in person in my Ealing studio.

Seeing a completed portrait for the first time can be strange as we are not used to seeing ourselves through the imagination of an artist. Over time you will discover that the more you look at a portrait, the more it reveals.

Although framing does not form part of the commission, I will advise what sort of frame complements my work, or whether a frame is needed.

Single portrait in oils (+£600 per extra person)

Size inches Size cm Price
16 x 12 40 x 30 £600
20 x 16 50 x 40 £980
24 x 20 60 x 50 £1,300
30 x 24 76 x 61 £1,500
36 x 24
91 x 61
 40 x 30 102 x 76 £2,600

Single portrait drawing (+£50 per extra person)

 Size Price
A3 £250
40 x 50 £300
A2 £350
A1 £480
A0 £630

Single digital portrait painting 30x30 cms or 12"x12" (+ £60 per extra person)

Size  Price
Square £400


To find out more about digital vs oil painting click here

Florence by Stella Tooth

Daisy by Stella Tooth

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