An artistic collaboration with rock photographer Solomon N'jie

I'm delighted to announce a new artistic collaboration with Ealing rock photographer Solomon N'jie called 'Art & Sol'.

For the past few months I have been working on transforming the first of many stadium rock photographer Sol’s classic 80s images into affordable art - original digital paintings.

Sol and I met in a pop up in Ealing where Sol was exhibiting just some of the 500 photos he had taken of 80s stadium rockers like Eric Clapton, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Prince, Rod Stewart and Sting among others.

As a trained portrait artist who has been, for the past six years, exploring my practice in the Half Moon Putney, it's a thrill to be working with Getty photographer Sol towards a side-by-side exhibition explaining what happens when a photo is seen through the lens of an artist’s eye.

The collaboration – of which you can see the first results here in my interpretation of Sol's photo of Madonna - unites ‘old’ and ‘new technology’. Sol’s photographs were taken on an analogue 35mm camera and my artworks are created on an Apple ipad pro using the Procreate app.

Tonight Sol is talking at Open Ealing Arts Centre about his experience of  photographing music legends.  To read more, click here

Watch this space for updates as our collaboration progresses and I create musician art of household names.

Rock photographer Solomon N'Jie with musician artist Stella Tooth and her interpretation of his Madonna photo

Rock photographer Solomon N'Jie with Stella Tooth musician artist and photographic inspiration for her portrait of Madonna. £199 Click here to purchase.

Stella Tooth's portraits of Madonna and Rod Stewart inspired by photos by Solomon N'Jie

My digital paintings of Madonna and Rod Stewart inspired by photos by Solomon N'Jie at his Rock n Sol talk at Open Ealing. 

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