Naples 1946 oil on canvas artwork by Stella Tooth

Naples 1946 - nostalgic portrait

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A biographical portrait - painted in nostalgic hues - that I'm sure will spark vivid reminiscences in viewers. It's 1946 in war-ravaged Naples - but love arises from the hate. My father, a British Royal Engineer, is called upon to use his carpentry skills to liberate the keys my mum, an interpreter for a British colonel, has inadvertently locked in her desk. After a romantic courtship, they become one of the first post-war pairs to wed. Then dad is demobbed and sent home and mum must journey by train with the other war brides to be united with him.  Her last day in her home city is the subject of this pathos-filled portrait where she says goodbye to the family, friends and places she knows for a new life abroad.

Oil on canvas. Framed.

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