Ossie Young pencil on paper artwork by Stella Tooth

Commission: Ossie Young portrait drawing

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I met Ossie's adoptive mother at the Half Moon where we got chatting about her and her husband's adoptive son Ossie.  Ossie was born in Guatemala, loved living in Britain, but still kept in touch with his birth mother.  He was very much a creature of two worlds. 

The conversation turned to art and she asked if they could commission me to create a portrait drawing of Ossie that reflect his culture and the country in which he now lived.

Having discussed what Ossie might wear, he turned up in western clothing - a white shirt with open neck. His adoptive father brought a book of Guatemalan homes which showed them painted in beautifully vibrant - but peeling - colours and asked if this could form the portrait's backdrop, visually connecting him with his past and present.

Pencil on paper. Framed.

Size of image: A2
Size of frame: medium