Frequently Asked Questions - commissions


Why commission a painted or drawn portrait, rather than a photographic portrait?
Commissioning a painted or drawn portrait from life provides an enjoyable, collaborative experience which results in an artwork that projects your image through time.  Where a photograph captures a moment in time, a portrait captures a life lived up to that moment. As the artist's eye has been all over it, it can be viewed for longer.

How long will it take?
In today’s busy world I offer a single sitting of three hours, during which I make a colour sketch and take reference shots. The process begins with a discussion about the pose, what the sitter will wear, where the image is to hang, and terms etc. You can also commission a portrait from agreed high resolution photographs that inspire me.

Does the same apply to children?
A child's portrait can be from agreed photographs, often taken by parents.  It may involve noting the child's skin colour in their own home.

Does the same apply to pets?
A pet portrait can be from agreed photos, also often taken by dog owners.  It may involve noting colouring, texture and temperament of the pet in their own home.  

How much will it cost?
Cost depends on the size of work, the number of sitters and whether it is a drawing or painting. The smallest single portrait in oils I offer 40x30 cm (16x12 inches) will cost £600. The smallest  single A3 portrait drawing will cost £250. For pet portraits only, I offer A4 size at a cost of £180. Digital portraits start at £400. 

I take an initial 30% deposit to secure the commission and the balance on completion – normally around six weeks to three months for oils, one or two weeks for a digital painting and a matter of days for a drawing.  A non-obligation quote excludes framing, any pre-agreed travel/accommodation expenses incurred and shipment. You can find a table of costs here.

Can you give a portrait as a gift?
Yes. The Portrait Experience Gift Card provides a unique present to commemorate a special event or anniversary.  We agree a price, medium and size for a portrait, and you gift the card.  We then meet with the sitter together within a month – and agree a date for the final unveiling!

Do your portraits and other art come with a Certificate of Authenticity?