Portrait: Vince Graff

Vince Graff was a freelance print journalist friend (since retrained in psychology) who I invited on a number of press trips when at Sky News, as his versatile writing style ensured we could get coverage in a number of different publications, coming at a story from a number of different angles. 

He is always interesting to talk to about all aspects of news and the news industry, so I thought he would make a great model when I was in my final year at Heatherley’s studying portraiture. 

He readily agreed to having his portrait painted and, over the course of six sittings of three hours over six weeks I saw him in different moods - upbeat, pensive, preoccupied with his latest project - and so I was able to portray a life lived up to that moment, rather than the moment in time that the photograph captures so well. 

Vince Graff portrait in oils on canvas artwork by Stella Tooth.

From the start, I realised that he talked with his hands and that these were going to have to feature in his portrait.  I came up with a film strip format that would run alongside his portrait - and was delighted when it worked out and I could gift it to him.

Vince Graff with his student portrait in oils on canvas artwork by Stella Tooth.Vince Graff with Vince at Heatherley's annual show 2013.

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