Roger Baresel

As I was preparing to graduate this year from the Portraiture Diploma at The Heatherley School of Fine Art, I was contacted via Linked In by Art Dealer Roger Baresel who was interested that I was an artist who had retrained from PR.

He asked if I would promote a pop up exhibition, just off Sloane Square in Chelsea called, ‘This is women’s work’. 

One of the ideas I had to entice potential clients in was to paint Roger in the gallery window against the backdrop of one of his favourite artworks from the show. 

Stella Tooth painting art dealer Roger Baresel in The Chelsea Gallery pop up.

One day, when I had been painting for about an hour, the door opened and I found myself face-to-face with James Bond - in the form of Pierce Brosnan! 

Although a little starstruck (shaken but not stirred!), I had an interesting chat with 007 about his filming in London, and his own art.  As he prepared to leave I couldn't resist asking if it was time for his close up! 

Sadly, he was travelled back to his home in Hawaii that evening (no doubt on Her Majesty's secret service) - or I could have added the world's most famous spy to my portfolio! 

Roger Baresel art dealer oil on canvas artwork by portrait artist Stella Tooth.

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