Stella came as a guest (being an old friend) to my birthday party but had also been commissioned to create a portrait of me playing music that evening. And the result is fabulous. She has not only captured the likeness but the emotional turmoil of performing in my expression - the fear, the excitement, the immediacy. It's all there. And on top of that, she chose a moment when the backdrop video displayed an old photo of me - so she had to portray me twice! A lovely job and a delight to have on the wall in my studio. Peter Whitehead 

Portrait commission: Peter Whitehead musician by Stella Tooth artist

Stella’s work will always have a special place in my home and in my heart. She painted a rich yet delicately executed portrait of one of the most special women in my life - my mother. It doesn’t get much more sensitive than that for an only son! Her work captured beautifully the strength and positive energy of an amazing woman. Stella is a pleasure to deal with and her painting is exquisite. Thank you. Matthew Newton

Geraldine Sharpe-Newton by Stella Tooth portrait artist


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