Stella came as a guest (being an old friend) to my birthday party but had also been commissioned to create a portrait of me playing music that evening. And the result is fabulous. She has not only captured the likeness but the emotional turmoil of performing in my expression - the fear, the excitement, the immediacy. It's all there. And on top of that, she chose a moment when the backdrop video displayed an old photo of me - so she had to portray me twice! A lovely job and a delight to have on the wall in my studio. Peter Whitehead 

Portrait commission: Peter Whitehead musician by Stella Tooth artist


Stella’s work will always have a special place in my home and in my heart. She painted a rich yet delicately executed portrait of one of the most special women in my life - my mother. It doesn’t get much more sensitive than that for an only son! Her work captured beautifully the strength and positive energy of an amazing woman. Stella is a pleasure to deal with and her painting is exquisite. Thank you. Matthew Newton

Geraldine Sharpe-Newton by Stella Tooth portrait artist


Stella has done two pieces* for me over the years which were extra-special presents for my members of my family: a sketch and an oil painting. I've been absolutely delighted with both. Stella involves you in the creative process and produces beautiful work. Tim Beeson-Jones 
*Tim has since commissioned a further oil painting from family photographs.

Commission drawing of siblings by Stella Tooth portrait artist

News broadcasters

Prior to retraining as a portrait artist, I worked as a print journalist & news pr for BBC & Sky News where I looked after the public image of journalists, such as the BBC's Kate Adie, George Alagiah & John Humphrys as well as Julie Etchingham, Presenter ITV News at 10 & Sky News' Adam Boulton & Jeremy Thompson. It has been insightful portraying them in this more personal way. And I'm grateful to Sky Correspondent Robert Nisbet & his partner Alexis Mavrikakis for commissioning me.

What they thought of the experience

BBC's John Humphrys with his portrait by British figurative artist Stella Tooth
"It's rather odd having someone do your portrait while you're working. They say the camera never lies... sadly, neither does the artist. I rather hoped she might iron out the wrinkles."
- John Humphrys, then Presenter Today programme, BBC Radio 4

ITN News' Julie Etchingham with her portrait by Stella Tooth
"Being scrutinised by an artist's eye is a world away from sitting in front of a news camera – a far more personal and exposed experience – but the fact I know how gentle and endearing Stella is made it an altogether easier time than I’d imagined."
- Julie Etchingham, Presenter News at 10, ITV News

Sky News' Adam Boulton drawn portrait by British figurative artist Stella Tooth"Because we are looking out from ourselves most of us don't know what we really look like, let alone what impression we make - a portrait is the best way to find out and Stella has an artist's eye and professional insight when it comes to people from the media world like me."
- Adam Boulton, Presenter Sky News Tonight


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