NEW! Digital portraits

You can now choose to have your portrait drawn, painted in oils - or created as a digital painting!

Oil paintings are more expensive than digital paintings as they use real paint, canvas/cradled gesso panel and brushes, are labour intensive needing around three months to paint, and have an often glossy, textural surface.

Digital paintings, conversely, are created with a pressure sensitive stylus and tablet (I use the ipad pro) with digital paint, canvas and brushes provided by the Procreate app).  I employ the same skills as an oil painter but can produce digital paintings quicker than oils, as there is no drying time, typically in 1-2 weeks. They are professional printed as a high quality print which is colour-rich. 

Digital painting of Linnea Kempe of Meadows Duo by musician artist Stella Tooth

Linnea Kempe of the Meadows Duo

A single portrait costs £400 + £60 per extra person. 

You will receive a simple, square unframed/unmounted professional print on Canon Pro Luster Photo paper. 

This professional photo paper delivers vivid colours, reproduces sharp details with rich blacks and smooth tonality. 

The paper is designed to provide a consistent look and colour when viewed under various light sources.

It offers exceptional image quality, longevity and protects images from degradation caused by gas and light..

You can choose from 12”x12” or 8”x8”. To suit the shape of a digital painting, I can also produce artwork in A4 size.

For framing options please click here to see my blog.

Digital painting by Stella Tooth of Jamie Moses musician of Los Pacaminos playing at the Half Moon PutneyJamie Moses of Los Pacaminos

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