My portrait of Daisy has found a new home!

Delighted that my drawn portrait of Daisy has found a new home in Ireland.

I drew this artwork in black, watercolour pencil from a photo provided by her maternal grandmother.   I used acrylic paper which provided a textured surface that helped in creating a 3D effect.

I very much like the little girl's direct gaze as it provides a direct connection with the viewer. 

Children's eyes always appear big, compared to the size of their faces, as they are the same size as when they are fully grown adults.

Daisy pencil on paper by Stella Tooth British portrait artist

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait which captures a particular stage in the life of your child, click here to find out what it involves and an idea of how much it will cost.  If you have a budget in mind and wish to discuss how to best to maximise it, then do contact me.

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