Double portrait: Marco Brandolini and Jennifer Lee

Marco Brandolini and Jennifer Lee pencil on paper artwork by Stella Tooth


My cousin Marco came to live in Britain for a short while with his now fiancee Jennifer Lee. At the time I was working on an exhibition with the Lots Road Group of portraitists which tried to capture the zeitgeist of a divided Britain, not by increasing schisms but by healing them by showing how we are all Connected.

How we are connected is an interesting story to tell so I asked if I could draw them as en exhibition companion piece.  Happily they agreed.

What I wanted to emphasise was that they had found an albeit temporary home in Britain - a respite from their lifestyle to date where their jobs took them both all over the world and left them scrambling to see each other as until then, they had lived most of the time in separate countries. 

Jennifer, a Korean American, had moved to the UK office of her firm to be closer to Marco who lived in Italy. He then obtained a transfer to the UK so they could live together.  They since have both moved to Italy. 

So behind them are their respective country's flags, flanking the Union Jack - the country where they were united at last. 

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