Portrait: Jeremy Thompson

Now entering my second year of the two year Diploma in portraiture at The Heatherley School of Fine Art, I’m still being asked why I gave up being a broadcast news pr after nearly 20 years…and how did I do it!

Truth to tell I was conflicted at 16, part of me wanted to be a journalist and part a portrait artist.  My mum persuaded me to concentrate on a job where I knew I could make money, and keep art as a hobby. 

So after becoming a print journalist, and then reinventing myself as a BBC and then Sky News PR, I decided I might give portraiture a shot, having studied it part time for five years.  Life is short!

Through one of the projects we undertook at Heatherleys, where we had to paint a portrait inspired by the work of a famous artist, I found myself drawn to portraits that captured dramatic, historical moments.  I particularly liked the graphic storytelling of Manet’s Execution of Maximillian and the drama of Goya’s Third of May 1808. 

So I chose to capture, from Sky News footage I’d been given permission to work from, Sky News presenter Jeremy Thompson, broadcasting live from a broadcast platform during the 2010 election, which, after completion, I gifted to him.


Ex Sky News journalist and Presenter Jeremy Thompson student portrait in oils artwork by Stella ToothSky News' Jeremy Thompson student oil portrait by Stella Tooth.

Jeremy Thomson with his student portrait in oils by Stella Tooth in the Sky Newsroom.Jeremy Thompson with his student oil portrait by Stella Tooth in the Sky newsroom.


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