Autobiographical portrait - The Crossing

Some of my work is autobiographical, where I look back to my childhood and aim of evoking shared memories in the viewer. 

My mother was from Naples and this image tells the story of the channel crossing back to the UK, after my first trip at six years old to visit relatives.  Flanked by my Godfather Vincenzo and his son, Simon, who also lived in England, I’m holding a souvenir, my beloved Topo Gigio - a tv mouse. 

My brown bag still contained my £5 spending money which I had not spent, having found a Topo in a circular shop window, bigger than me, that I longed to buy at the start of my holidays, costing exactly £5.  I had held out for better things - but never found them!  If could transport myself back in time, that Topo would now be mine!

The crossing oil on canvas portrait artwork by Stella Tooth

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