Family portrait commission: the artistic process

Step 1 - underpainting in monochrome with oil paint diluted with solvent.

Artist Stella Tooth's family portrait commission in oils on canvas at stage of monochrome underpainting.

Step 2 - laying in the colour 'fat over lean', adding stand oil to the solvent.

Stella Tooth's family portrait in oil on canvas artwork starting to paint fat over lean in colour.

Artist Stella Tooth's family portrait in oils on canvas artwork in progress starting to add colour.

Step 3 - checking the painting hangs together with my brush touching each part.

Artist Stella Tooth painting family portrait artwork commission in oil on canvas.

Steps 4/5 - check client happy (digital photos) and wait for paint to fully dry.

Step 6 - varnish.

Stella Tooth varnishing family portrait commission outdoors.

Step 7 varnish ready for the unveiling!

Family portrait oil on canvas portrait artwork by Stella Tooth.

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