Child portrait commission: Else Hewage

This oil portrait of Else Hewage was commissioned by her father Tim - a professional photographer - from a selection of photographs that he provided. Children change so quickly and he was keen to have her portrait painted at this lovely stage. 

He brought Else over to my home studio so I could meet her in the flesh and note her skin colours and then it was over to me to provide updates digitally until the day it was completed.  

A portrait in oils, as opposed to a drawn portrait, takes time to complete - normally up to six weeks - as the layers have to dry after each day’s work.

I usually take a deposit at the start for materials, for large works an instalment half way through the process, and then a final payment at the end.  But if you prefer to spread payments over a longer period, I just retain the portrait until the final instalment. 

Click here if you'd like to understand how much it will cost.

Else Hewage oils commission by Stella Tooth

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