Commissions: portraits to celebrate a new home or new or established businesses

Moving into a new home is often said to be one of the most stressful moments of your life.  Yet with it comes many possibilities from how you want to appoint your new space, to the plants you wish to see in your new garden.  The steps you take now will transform an empty shell into a home that will enrich your life..

Similarly, you may be a business owner, recently moved to iconic or welcoming new business premises, or be on the brink of a special anniversary -or even retiring - and wish to celebrate the years you have spent building up your business with a portrait that will project its image through time. 

Such a portrait is the one I was commissioned to make in 2018 to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Half Moon Putney, the music venue synonymous with The Rolling Stones where I'm resident artist. 

It's all about you!

Of course, you may wish to celebrate this time of your life with a portrait of you and your family - or business family - which captures you in a small part of your new space.

My portraits are about human connection and intimacy so I would not portray you in a formal statement piece but rather, dressed for decorating at home, trying out a new garden swing or a new barbecue.  Or, at work, perhaps welcoming guests to your coffee shop or loyal customers sat at your tables. Or, if you're in the entertainment business, you may wish a portrait of a live act. 

How it works

Having discussed the commission with you, for buildings, I will work from hi-res photos you take, or that I have the photographer’s permission to work from, that inspire me. Or, if in the London area and surrounds, I will take the photographs myself. 

If the commission includes people then please take a look at my portrait commissions page to see what this involves, and price. 

Calling Ealing Estate Agents!

If you own an Estate Agents in Ealing, London, and are interested in offering a 'new home portrait' service to your customers, or gifting such a portrait for key clients, you can contact me with a view to forming a business relationship where you receive 5% commission on portrait referrals that lead to commissions, or 5% off customer gifts.  To tell your clients about the service, I’ll send you an A5 flyer to display on your walls or in your window.  You can also point them to my website.

Half Moon Putney pencil on paper artwork by Stella ToothHalf Moon Putney

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