Commission: digital portrait of child playing guitar with his dog

Last year it was a joy to be commissioned by grandparents Mary and Richard Schiffer to create a digiital portrait from a photo of their grandson playing his colourful guitar in his home, with his beloved dog Coach at his side.

As it's not possible to show you the full painting, I just include here a close up of Coach.

Coach is my dog! Detail from digital portrait of child with his dog by Stella Tooth artist

Of the experience Mary said, "My husband and I commissioned Stella to create a digital portrait for a very special family birthday. It was of my grandson and his dog. Working from a supplied photo she created a vibrant picture connecting givers, recipients and sitters. She listened and captured the subjects beautifully. We highly recommend her!"

I very much enjoyed collaborating on this commission with Mary and Richard, using my artistic imagination to colour the room with the childhood colours featured on the boy's guitar in the reference photo taken by his mother. I designed the colour and shape of the floor tiles as a visual reminder of the vibrant pilates mat the boy would recognise from his grandparents' home. 

I was especially glad to hear their four year old grandson enjoyed seeing it come to life brushstroke-by-brushstroke in the accompanying video supplied.

Digital paintings provide a price-point between portraits in oils and drawings.  They are original artworks that exist only in the virtual space and are printed out on Canon Pro Luster Photo paper or archival quality giclee paper (depending on size and finish).

In addition to the portrait, recipients receive a 30 second video of each brushstroke made to to create the artwork. 

And, if desired, as with all my paintings, I also provide an A4 sheet with a potted story of the subject to add to the legacy element of the portrait, in addition to a Certificate of Authenticity.


To find out more about commissioning a digital portrait click here. 

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