Child portraits: Daisy

Becoming a great aunt, and being a portrait artist, who could blame me for wanting to capture Daisy as began on her journey through life? 

As my sister kept me up to date with photos of Daisy’ progress, I decided to use her as a subject for an oil painting in my Lots Road Group of portrait painters ‘Art of Reading’ exhibition last year and did a companion drawing of her with my sister reading Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. 

Daisy reading with granny pencil on paper portrait artwork by Stella Tooth.

I also was entranced by a colour photo of Daisy in a field of flowers, which I decided to turn black and white and use spot colour. 

Daisy and other flowers pencil on paper portrait artwork by Stella Tooth.

And couldn’t resist drawing her at the stage where adult-sized eyes in a child’s head look so appealing. 

I hadn’t intended to put the four latter artworks up for sale, but it was the experience of showing my oil painting of Daisy in Waterstones’ purpose built gallery that made me think that some independent bookshop somewhere might like such a painting to hang in their Children’s Books area, as might a charity involved in children’s literacy.

My hope is that Daisy stands for every child - every child that enjoys reading, a special relationship with a grandmother or sitting in a field of flowers watching them blown in the breeze.

Click Buy Now to see if these four artworks are still available. 

Daisy child portraits - pencil on paper and oil on canvas artworks - by Stella Tooth.

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