Business commission: Bar Italia staff and customers

Customer and staff drawn pencil on paper commissioned portrait artworks at Soho's Bar Italia.

I was on a nighttime photographic shoot in the West End with my husband when we were invited for an end of evening coffee in Soho’s famous Bar Italia with our fellow students. 

I noticed a portrait of Rocky behind the bar staff who were dressed in black and white waiting uniform and asked if I could take their picture. 

And then took photos outside of regular customers in hats (which I can’t resist). 

The thought came to me that I’d like to draw from the photographs and, after I did I had them framed and took them to Bar Italia’s owner to show him. 

Bar Italia staff pencil on paper business portrait commission artwork by Stella Tooth

He immediately offered to buy them and put them up on the walls of the bar, which has been a Soho institution since 1949!  If you haven’t been, wake up and smell the coffee! 

Bar Italia customers pencil on paper portrait commission artwork by Stella Tooth.

I now accept commissions from hospitality businesses to draw their staff and clients and am able to licence the drawing for use on websites, and materials from menus to take away boxes.


Soho's Bar Italia's Antony Polledri with drawing on paper artwork of his staff by Stella Tooth.Bar Italia staff member with my drawing. 

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