Musician art: The Rawhides - Blues Brothers tribute band portraits

I caught The Rawhides, a Blues Brothers tribute band, at The Hideout, Streatham. 

The Rawhides Blues Brothers tribute band at the Hideaway Streatham mixed media on paper artworks by Stella Tooth.

They create the look and sound of the blues and soul revivalist band founded by comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi - The Blues Brothers - and they inspired me to create a series of musician artworks about the creative energy they gave off when performing live.

Their name recalls my favourite moment in The Blues Brothers film where the band performs 'Rawhide' in a local country bar to calm the country-loving audience…


The Rawhides Blues Brothers tribute band pencil on paper drawing by Stella Tooth.Click Buy Art to see if any of these artworks are still available.

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