Song lyrics added to my most recent paintings

I've recently begun adding song lyrics to my traditional and digital paintings as a way of helping you experience the joy I feel when listening to music live.

For my digital portrait of Meat Loaf, the song I found I most associate with him is. "I would do anything for love (But I won't do that)".  I wonder if it would have been your choice?

Digital painting of Meat Loaf by Stella Tooth music-inspired artistMeat Loaf digital painting £80

Andy Fairweather Low oil on cradled gesso panel by Stella Tooth music inspired artAndy Fairweather Low oil on cradled gesso panel £480

For Andy Fairweather Low I had an ear worm after seeing him play at the Half Moon Putney for three or four days.  From his Amen Corner days, the beautiful song, "If paradise is half as nice..." just kept spinning round my head.  But perhaps the rockier, 'Bend me, shape me" would have been your choice?

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