Reportage art - capturing stories

In the month that we mark World Refugee Day, I take a look in my regular Art & Soul blog for Skylark Galleries at capturing stories through reportage art.
It’s a type of visual journalism that includes courtroom and war artists, news reports and events like protests and concerts. And I take a side look at related urban and country sketching.
As a former journalist and broadcast news pr turned artist, reportage art is how I tell the stories of performers in venues and on the streets.
And you can discover in my blog how it's used to create original art by other artists in our friendly art collective - Helen Trevisiol, Ed Bucknall, Jo Hodgen and Kelly Stewart.
To read my full blog for art collective Skylark Galleries click here.
Roy Gee and Matt Wall buskers Brighton oil on canvas by Stella Tooth artist
Roy Gee and Matt Wall by Stella Tooth
Oil on canvas
50 x 60 x 3cm framed

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