Paul McCartney, Photographs 1963-1964 Eyes of the storm

The Fab Four at the National Portrait Gallery Sept 2023
Behind the curve but finally got to see the fabulous portraits captured by Paul McCartney using his own camera, between December 1963 and February 1964 at the newly re-opened National Portrait Gallery.
George Harrison photo
It gives his eye view of the time when The Beatles shot from British fame to a global phenomenon.
Paul McCartney photo
At a time when The Beatles has the lenses of the world’s photographers trained on them, he trained his on them, Beatles fans, the other Beatles and their support group.
John Lennon photo
They show the story of a band creating music history. Unsurprisingly, seen from the perspective of a portrait artist, my favourite photos are close ups of the Fab Four - especially in hats!
Ringo Starr photo
The exhibition runs till 1 October.
Album cover With The Beatles photographed by Robert Freedman

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