New bather series now on show at Kellie Miller Arts!

Kellie Miller Arts, 20 Market Street, Brighton. BN1 1HH

Bather series artwork on display from 24 January-21 February 2017

Artworks from Stella Tooth's oil on canvas Ischia bather series.Back and forth in Ischia and High Noon

From today, I will have a number of artworks in my Ischia bathers series on show in Brighton during the summer. Some of you will know I grew up in Bournemouth - a town which reminded my Neapolitan mother of the Bay of Naples, which holds Capri, and lesser-known Ischia, in its embrace.

Vecchie amiche oil on canvas artworks in Ischia bather series by Stella Tooth.Vecchie amiche

I first visited Ischia after reading Elena Ferrante’s ‘My Brilliant Friend’, the first book in the Neapolitan quartet where the island forms the backdrop to the first sexual encounters of protagonists Lenu and Lila.

Sitting in a café overlooking a small, rocky beach close to the causeway of the Castello Aragonese, I found inspiration for this series of oil paintings watching older, female friends sharing their cares, letting it all hang out, just enjoying the ‘dolce fa niente’ of yet another sunny day. In their interaction I recognised the soothing power of just being by the sea.

Just chillin' oil on canvas Ischia bather series artwork by Stella Tooth.Just chilling

Ischia friends oil on canvas portrait artworks in bather series by Stella Tooth.Ischia friends

Here comes the sun oil on canvas portrait artwork in Ischia bather series by Stella Tooth. Here comes the sun

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