My piano player sitter features in new Mr Kipling ad

Was thrilled yesterday when our daughter's partner Emmet McGrath pointed out an ad he'd seen featuring fantastic pianist Paul Kissaun - ex Flying Pickets - who I'd painted during lockdown.

Paul Kissaun musician and ex Flying Picket in lockdown oil on canvas by Stella Tooth portrait artist

Paul Kissaun musician in lockdown £980

During the grim weeks of Covid 19 isolation in 2020, Paul Kissaun had kept the spirits up of his neighbours in his Ealing close by entertaining them on the piano for half an hour each Friday evening for 15 weeks. 

His neighbours came out to listen in a socially distanced way with a glass of wine - or cup of tea - in hand and it made everyone feel better.

The impromptu gigs were also shown to a larger audience on socially distanced fest. 

After some investigation of where the sessions might be happening I contacted Paul to ask if I could portray him in lockdown and went along to take photos from which I could work.

There's something about the warmth of the atmosphere in this Mr Kiplings ad that reminds me of the warmth Paul spread back in those difficult days.

If you'd like to see the ad click here.

Paul's portrait featured in the Lots Road Group of portraitists' 'Beyond the door' exhibition.  If you'd like to read his take on performing in lockdown click here.


  • What a heartwarming ad! I always stop what I’m doing to watch. Great piano playing, Mr Kissaun!

    Lady Lynne
  • I love that mr Kipling cakes advert I would like to know if the girl is his granddaughter?

    Marian Wild

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