Musicians in lockdown: Robert Hokum and Marky Dawson

I’ve been working on a series on musicians in lockdown artworks, reflecting how the music community has been keeping us entertained. So far, I have completed portraits of Marky Dawson and Robert Hokum.

Musicians Marky Dawson and Robert Hokum performing online oil portraits on canvas by Stella Tooth lockdown musician seriesMarky Dawson and Robert Hokum - in lockdown.

Marky Dawson is a West London based Pianist and Singer-Songwriter. He moved to London to study and started working as a resident musician in Ealing. Before lockdown he was playing 3-4 gigs a week, mainly in London but was willing to travel anywhere which took him all over the UK and Europe. He says:

"Before Lockdown I came and set up office in Dorset. I have been doing weekly Livestreams on Facebook. Where if anybody wants requests they can donate to my online tipjar on Although I can see comments, I miss the audience interaction. It is very strange finishing a song and sitting there in silence! I've had watchers from Canada, US and Germany, so I hope they are applauding at home. I hope once it is safe, there will be lots of support for live music and plenty of events to attend."

Marky Dawson facebook

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Robert Hokum Bluesmaster, funkateer, global groover and raconteur, Robert Hokum was born in Ealing and grew up surrounded by the local music scene of the 1960's which is now regarded as 'The Cradle of British Rock'. Although best known as a Blues musician, having founded The Ealing Blues Festival, he has worked with musicians of many genres attracting critical acclaim for collaborations with musicians from Ealing's ethnic communities. Robert says:

"Gigging, particularly in local venues, has been an important part of my social life. not only as a musician but also as someone who goes out to gigs. The loss of 'live music' and the possible long-term impact on venues will affect many sectors of the community not only socially but culturally across all sectors of the arts. However, the lockdown has allowed me to re-appraise my music, tighten up on technique and experiment with playing other forms without having to worry about suitability for gigs. But looking forward to getting 'back on the road'".

Robert Hokum facebook and You Tube 

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Robert Hokum Founder Ealing Blues Festival drawn mixed media portrait by Stella Tooth.

Robert Hokum, Founder Ealing Blues Festival - playing live.

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