Floral art inspired by blue, corona skies

Allium and Gather rosebuds while ye may pencil on cradled gesso panel by Stella Tooth.Allium and Gather rosebuds while ye may

Once only drawn to people, I’m now attracted to painting vibrant flowers – particularly against the vibrant, turquoise Corona sky, which has helped make Lockdown bearable.

Alliums are members of the onion family and each typehas its own distinctive style and personality. Most bloom in late spring and early summer, so fil the gap between spring bulbs and summer perennials.

Gather rosebuds while ye may

Roses are woody perennials and there are over three hundred species. They can be erect shrubs, climbing, or trailing.  I love them all - especially the fragrant one - although I could do without those with sharp prickles!

Top of the poppies oil on canvas floral artwork on paper by Stella ToothTop of the poppies SOLD

And then there are poppies, grown for their colourful flowers, and stand for remembrance and hope of a peaceful future. One type is the source of opium which contains powerful medicinal alkaloids like morphine and so has been used since ancient times not only for recreation but medicinal purposes. 

I hope you enjoy my new collection.

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