Delighted to be selected to take part in Egypt's first art biennale!

Sharm El Sheikh 28 November - 8 December 2013

Thrilled to announce that I am among 50 international artists selected to take part in the first Egypt art biennale in Sharm el Sheikh!

The biennale is run by three Egyptian ministries: tourism, culture and foreign, aiming to support tourism in the region.

During our 10 day stay, we will paint in public - in the town square, inspired by  'whirling dervish' and fire eating performances, in a desert nightclub housed inside a cave 'La Dolce Vita' and in the bustling Naama Bay shopping area.  We will stay In the grounds of the Sonesta Beach Hotel and I have been asked to paint visiting ministers. 

In addition, we have been asked to paint two 70x80cms pictures which will be judged at the end of our stay by a panel of international judges. Prizes will be awarded at a televised gala evening attended by European and Middle Eastern art critics in the landscaped grounds of Le Royal Hotel Resort. Selected pictures will go on show at the hotel until Christmas.

The closing night reception, with performances by Egypt's best known singers and dancers, will be attended by the Admiral Governor of South Sinai (whose portrait I will paint).

Stella Tooth Artist in BBC Newsroom where she worked in a previous career in broadcast news PR.UK artist Stella Tooth pictured in BBC Newsroom, where she worked prior to retraining as a portrait artist. Photo: Jeff Overs.

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