West Ealing Artist to exhibit at this year's Milan Expo

Stella Tooth has been selected to take part in ’Art: Soul Food’ an exhibition of the work of 100 international painters, sculptors and poets organised in conjunction with this year’s Milan Expo.

Stella will be exhibiting two works at this year’s Milan Expo, alongside those of fellow UK artists Annalisa Colombara and AnneMarie Dzendrowskyj, also represented by art dealer Liana Teruzzi.

The exhibition is being staged by cultural association, 'Arte Senza Confini' (Art without borders) in the Palazzo Calderara (now the Town Hall) in Via Garibaldi, 6 – Vanzago, Milan.  It opened on Saturday (18 April), as part of the inauguration celebrations of the newly restored wing in which it is housed and will run until 28 June 2015.  Entry is free.

The exhibition - spread over two floors - includes work by established international and emerging artists on the first and art by students of the Brera Art School on the second.

The paintings Stella has on show are The Hod Carrier and A Maasai woman.  The Hod Carrier comes from the mud city of Djenne in land-locked Mali, who dreams of travelling to the Red Sea – a sea he will never see.  A Maasai women  comes from a people who adorn  themselves, their husbands and children with coloured beads which relate to cattle, the environment and the way their people live their lives: blue (Sky and God), green (pastures), white (milk and purity),  red (cow's blood, warriors), black (the colour of the people), orange (hospitality) used by women and yellow (sunshine).  Both are for sale.

Organiser Gamal Meleka with Stella Tooth's portraits at the Milan Expo 2015.

Organiser Gamal Meleka with Stella Tooth's portraits at Arte Senza Confini's Art: Soul Food, Milan Expo 2015.

Art: Soul Food is the third exhibition to be staged cultural association Arte Senza Confini with the patronage of the European Parliament , the Milan Expo, the Lombardy Region and City subway.  It complements the theme of this year’s Expo: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.  Between now and  the end of October, 20 million visitors are expected to visit the Expo - a global showcase for more than 140 participating countries to demonstrate how their technology will address the vital need of guaranteeing  healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet. 

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