Skylark Galleries reopens on the South Bank - and takes flight online!

Skylark Galleries today launches a brand-new online gallery where customers will be able to 'click and buy' original artworks by a number of its artists for the very first time.

Initially, sales will be to UK only but, in future, it hopes to open up to overseas sales.

The online gallery is accessed through individual Artist pages on its new look website ‘hub’ to which other artists in the collective, who have their own webshops, are linked. 

Stella Tooth's Skylark Galleries webshop.

In addition, Skylark Galleries is delighted to announce it will be reopening its doors on its physical gallery, weekends in August and then everyday from September (except Mondays) at Skylark Galleries. 1, Studio 5, 56 Upper Ground, Gabriel’s Wharf, London, SE1 9PP.

Gill Hickman, (Director of Skylark Galleries for the past two decades), said, “I’m delighted Skylark Galleries is branching out into online sales for the first time in its 25 year history.  We believe we are unique – a collective of 30 artists selling art online with no gallery fees. You buy direct from the artists and can meet those of us who staff our Southbank art gallery face-to-face, knowing that all the proceeds goes to them.

“The Covid-19 pandemic could easily have been the end of Skylark Galleries … but, thanks to the strong commitment and energy of our amazing group of artists, we have used it instead as a chance to refresh, reinvent and reinvigorate Skylark Galleries and all that it stands for.”

Skylark Galleries’ website hub, where art lovers can sign up to its regular newsletter, also has three new pages which it hopes deepens the experience and understanding of the artists’ work:


Skylark Galleries’ contemporary artists cover an eclectic mix of figurative and non-figurative 2D and 3D art. Some specialise in portraits - of adults, children, performers and animals - others in landscapes, cityscapes, mountains and seascapes. Some are inspired by florals & still lives, while others specialise in abstracts, work in glass or with texture.  There’s something for everyone!

Online exhibition

The online exhibition page features artworks on themes that capture the zeitgeist, such as Lockdown art, ‘Togetherness’, ‘Black lives matter’ or are inspired by calendar events, such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Mothers’ Day or World Cities’ Day.


Many Skylark artists undertake commissions, creating custom-made versions of artworks for customers like, for example, larger, smaller or in a different colour perhaps, as well as portraits of people, pets or specific places. Or a customer may have a unique idea that needs a creative touch. Skylark Galleries Commissions Artists like to say “Anything is possible.”

And, Skylark Galleries is currently at adding a YouTube channel to its social media offering where the plan is to offer viewers a chance to ‘visit’ the artists’ studios, artist-to-artist interviews, demos and more, all from the website hub.  It will act as a complement to our blog which currently provides exciting behind-the-scenes glimpses into the processes and inspirations of our artists.

Gill Hickman says; “We hope these exciting new developments will future-proof Skylark Galleries and that both old and new customers will follow and support us on our journey.”

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