Occhi Magazine interview about artistic collaboration with rock photographer

Occhi Magazine feature with Solomon N'Jie and Stella Tooth about their artistic collaboration

Delighted that this week's Occhi Magazine carries a joint interview with myself and Solomon (Sol) N'Jie.  

The feature provides insight into my recent collaboration with Getty Images photographer Sol, whose photographs of iconic rock stars are inspiring my new departure into digital painting. 

Our work is currently the subject of the launch exhibition at Ealing Broadway's new cinema, music and art venue, the Ealing Project which runs until the end of the month.

Click here to read the full interview 'Art & Sol: A Perfect Fusion of Music, Photography and Portraiture'.

Find out how Sol got to take his images of now global phenomena from a truly unique perspective.  And discover how my training in modern portraiture causes me to shift emphasis from a photo that captures the ultimate moment of performance, to a digital painting which aims to lift the performance mask.

Sol N'Jie's photo of Freddie Mercury of Queen and Stella Tooth's digital painting inspired by it.Sol's photo of Freddie Mercury and my digital painting inspired by it.

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