Estate Art - Alton pop up panel of art

A short time ago I was approached by Lynne Capocciama of Estate Art to produce a piece of outdoor artwork which would hang in an outdoor exhibition on the Alton Estate in Roehampton, one of the 10% most deprived areas in the UK with respect to income and housing.
She knew my musician art from the walls of the Half Moon Putney - also in the Borough of Wandsworth - where I’m resident artist.
Estate Art is a not for profit organisation which provides art inspiration and helps residents express themselves through art, giving them an outlet from the mentally exhausting repercussions of the pandemic.
My panel and those of other artists like Lynne herself and Joe Rashbrook and local schoolchildren will be displayed in a huge open air exhibition panel which covers the gap left by the closure of two local businesses.
My panel features fantastic musician James Beck of legendary Welsh rock band Man whose style is a mixture of American West Coast psychedelia, progressive rock, and blues.
Alton pop up panel of art grand opening flyer
There will be a Grand Opening from 5-7pm on Monday 5 July at the start of Roehampton Community Week which runs from 5-11 July and is community-led in partnership with Wandsworth Council.
Stella Tooth putting the finishing touches to her panel for Alton pop up panel of art
Me preparing my panel for exhibiting out of doors.
Do hope you can make it along for the Grand Opening to see the exhibition in situ!
Roehampton Voice: front page article about Alton pop up panel of art
Roehampton Voice: Alton pop up panel of art article p2
Roehampton Voice: Alton pop up panel of art article featuring image of James Beck of Man by Stella Tooth
Roehampton Voice June 2021: Alton pop up panel of art

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