Ealing Project opens its doors! Learn more in my Nub News report....

As an Ealing artist with a home studio in Northfields, I've written a feature for Ealing Nub News about the opening of the Ealing Project - a brand new community cinema, gig and exhibition space - seen through the unique lens of her art and fascination with musicians.

I'm also delighted to be staging the launch exhibition with Getty Images rock photographer Solomon N'Jie whose photos are providing inspiration for my art.

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Sol N'Jie and Stella Tooth flank General Manager Ealing Project Andrew CarruthersSolomon N'Jie and Stella Tooth flank Andrew Carruthers General Manager the Ealing Project where they are staging a joint exhibition running until the end of July.

Artist impression of the Ealing ProjectArtist impression of the Ealing Project

Wall view of Stella Tooth and Sol N'Jie's photos and artworkWall view of Sol's rock photographs and Stella's artistic interpretation of them.

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