Following a career as a journalist and BBC/Sky News PR, I now work as an artist, specialising in portraiture. With a passion for reportage, my painted drawings and oil paintings in the moment are inspired by the stories of real people. Through them I explore themes of separation and connection and seek to blur the boundaries between illustration and fine art.

Buskers, musicians and dancers inspire me. I seek to capture the creative energy that comes from performing live - from the knowledge that things can go wrong. Going beyond performers' likeness, personality and mood, my art focuses on their movement, relationship with other band members and the audience.

Whether catching rays on the beach or paddling in the shallows, bathers' changing relationship with the seaside fascinates me. Born on the south coast, to a Neapolitan mother, my art holds up an affectionate mirror not only to the British experience, but to a love that binds us all - of being by the sea.

Storytelling also lies at the heart of my portraiture, which I view as a collaboration. You trust me with your face, revealing something of who you are, so I can move beyond the photographic capture of a moment in time to portray your life lived up to this moment. Uniting my past and present careers, I have completed a series of portraits of some of best known names in UK broadcast news including the BBC's John Humphrys and Kate Adie. I'm also a founding member of the Lots Road Group of portrait artists who met when studying at The Heatherley School of Fine Art one of the oldest independent art school in London and among the few art colleges in Britain that focus on portraiture and figurative painting, illustration, printmaking and sculpture.

Winner of the judges' prize at Egypt's first biennale (2013), I studied for five years at Heatherley's on the school's Continuing Studies, Diploma and Post Diploma in Portraiture courses. I have exhibited at the Milan Expo and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and National Open Art exhibitions (2015). I also tutor drawing in the inspiring surrounds of the V&A, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain and The Courtauld for Sketchout I'm represented in Brighton by Kellie Miller Arts and am the Half Moon Putney's Resident Artist.