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Ischia bathers - Just chilling
It's been a busy year so far as Resident Artist at the Half Moon Putney. After spending last year creating a body of work for the iconic music venue's 55th year, I held the first of two, one day, free, pop up exhibitions there in March and April, and got to see my name in lights! The artworks can be seen in this online catalogue, with selected works currently on display in the pub. Thanks to my Residency I've also been able to join Putney Artists,



From next week (last week in July), I will have five artworks in my Ischia bathers series on show in Brighton during the summer. Some of you will know I grew up in Bournemouth - a town which reminded my Neapolitan mother of the Bay of Naples, which holds Capri, and lesser-known Ischia, in its embrace.

I first visited Ischia after reading Elena Ferrante’s ‘My Brilliant Friend’, the first book in the Neapolitan quartet where the island forms the backdrop to the first sexual encounters of protagonists Lenu and Lila. Sitting in a café overlooking a small, rocky beach close to the causeway of the Castello Aragonese, I found inspiration for this series of oil paintings watching older, female friends sharing their cares, letting it all hang out, just enjoying the ‘dolce fa niente’ of yet another sunny day. In their interaction I recognised the soothing power of just being by the sea.

Kellie Miller Arts
20 Market Street


My next free, pop up exhibition at the Half Moon will be on Sunday 12 August from 1pm and throughout the day and will include old and new works, set against the backdrop of the venue's first Folksville Summer Fayre.

The exhibition will include my portraits of regular guests to the Half Moon’s one-time Folksville club - Dr Feelgood, Elvis Costello and Ralph McTell. And, to add to the folky air, I’ll also have on show some of my busker drawings and paintings.

A proportion of all sales will go to Teenage Cancer Trust which provides life-changing care and support so young people in the UK don’t have to face cancer alone.

FYI if you also want to join in the very special day of blues and folk music too with folk legend Peggy Seeger and friends, you'll need to buy tickets.

I hope to see you where it’s all happening! It’s gonna be really far out!

Half Moon Putney
93 Lower Richmond Rd, London SW15 1EU
Closest Tube: Putney Bridge (District line)


For the third year running I'll be opening my home studio over two weekends, 7-9 and 4-16 September, as part of the Borough of Ealing Art Trail BEAT. On Friday evenings I will be open 4-8pm and from 11am-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

This year there are 82 venues and 250 artists exhibiting. So, do hope to see you there!

Home studio - BEAT Venue 31
94 Elers Road
London W13 9QE
Closest tube: Northfields (Piccadilly line)

Monday 26 November to Friday 25 January 2019

The Lots Road Group’s next exhibition will be Connected: the changing face of Britain.

At a time often described as divisive, our new show will explore how people who live in Britain are connected, using ourselves, and our meeting at The Heatherley School of Fine Art as the starting point.

Against the backdrop of Brexit, our aim is to produce an exhibition that presents a microcosm of contemporary British society.

As usual, the narrative component of our show will introduce the diverse and eclectic mix of sitters, explaining their background, connection to the artist and views on Britain today.

The exhibition will go on show from Monday 26 November to Friday 25 January 2019 in Waterstones’ dedicated exhibition space.

Waterstones Gallery (lower floor)
82 Gower Street
Closest tube: Goodge Street (Northern line)

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